Vintage Chair

Rumor has it that we'll be raffling off a vintage chair here at the Scriven Arts Colony Monday night, August 14, when art historian Kristina Wilson visits to talk about furniture designer Herman Miller. Arrive early to boost your chances of winning, if the raffle happens. The show starts at 7:30.

Art Historian Kristina Wilson: August 14, 7:30 p.m.

Join us in the barn as art historian Kristina Wilson considers how the Herman Miller Furniture Company incorporated ‘exotic’ tourist art from faraway lands in its advertising to give its products—including storage pieces, tables, and chairs—a global, cosmopolitan air. A lifelong Gilmanton summer resident, Wilson is a professor at Clark University, in Worcester, and the author of Livable Modernism: Interior Decorating and Design During the Great Depression, published by Yale University Press. She is now at work on a new book about the 1950s.



How the Zombies Stole Christmas

The last Scriven Arts Colony event of the season, a Halloween haunted house, was ten months in the planning. My across-the-street neighbor, Charlie Townsend, and his son, Chas, an eight grader, dreamed up a theme--"How The Zombies Stole Christmas"--and proceeded to scour the town dump every week or so, on the hunt for broken toys they could use in a demented Santa's workshop where the elves destroyed, rather than built, toys. As Halloween approached, the Townsends enlisted the proud members of the Gilmanton School theater club, who magnificently ghouled up our barn and also put the word out all over town. A total of 172 people showed up to tour the barn. Nearly all of them quavered with fear. Not a single one died of a heart attack.

Taste of Gilmanton

Six months in the planning, our farm-to-table dinner, Taste of Gilmanton, proved a transcendent experience last evening, with about 70 people braving the autumnal chill to gather in our rickety old barn for a special meal consisting only of Gilmanton made and grown food, cooked by Gilmanton chefs. 

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Robert Perreault spoke at the Peyton Place celebration on July 29. He gives walking tours of Grace Metalious' Manchester and can be reached at RPerreau@Anselm.Edu. 

SAC featured in The Laconia Daily Sun

Click here to read a splendid piece that The Laconia Daily Sun did this morning on the Scriven Arts Colony. Writer Adam Drapcho got the story right, focusing on the Colony’s guiding spirit, my grandmother, Jane Scriven Cumming (1904-1998). Eighteen years on, we’re all still living in her shadow….


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