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Book Discussion: Peyton Place

Exactly 60 years ago—and shortly after she moved to Gilmanton—novelist Grace Metalious published her 1956 blockbuster, Peyton Place, which aired the pettiness, the crimes and the carnality of, ahem, a small town in New Hampshire. Metalious died in 1964, but to many Gilmantonites, her words still sting as a condemnation of the town that they love. Rumors abound as to how she spent her eight years in Gilmanton. Grace’s daughter, Marsha Duprey, will be on hand to set the record straight. Robert Perreault, author of Franco-American Life & Culture in Manchester, will speak on Grace's childhood, and Scriven Arts Colony founder, writer Bill Donahue, will briefly explore Gilmanton's love/hate relationship with its most controversial author.